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Why Choose E-Learning with Developers for Training and Consultancy?

For over a decade Developers for Training and Consultancy (DTC) has built a brand in training that reflects innovation and excellence whether in its monthly public training events, it’s a live international training, and certifications or in its tailor-made corporate training. We are proud to have served top financial institutions in Egypt and the region, also top tier organizations in the different sectors since 2008. We are also proud to have teamed up before with the Central Bank of Egypt, Egyptian Stock Exchange, and the Institute of Internal Audit (IIA), MECA CFO Academy, the American NACVA®, the IABFM®, and others to offer special well-publicized events.

To cope with the evolving need for online training, DTC is teaming up with the best platforms and accrediting bodies worldwide to offer you the best online training experience in different areas. Every month, we offer a rich selection of live online training programs in different areas. You can send an email to training@developers-egypt.com to regularly receive our monthly public online training calendar. You can also follow DTC on Facebook and LinkedIn or check our website to stay updated.

Our online training programs include but not limited to the following: Finance, Audit, Risk Management, Control, Corporate Governance, Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, Data Security, Governance and Compliance, Digital Banking, Treasury, Trading, Business Continuity, Securitization, Business Valuation, PPP, Project Management, and others. We will be happy to tailor-make online training or in-class programs to suit your exact needs.

How to proceed to take your online course/certificate?

Please choose your course/certificate from the monthly online training calendar or from the below list and send an email to training@developers-egypt.com to receive further details, to register and for payment. Prices vary from a program to another depending on whether it’s a normal training program, certification or accreditation program, duration, and accrediting body. You can also send an email with your request for tailored corporate training.

Check our E-LEARNING international programs:

  • Strategic Budgeting and Planning
    Four-Day Workshop – 28 CPD credits

This 4-day workshop is targeted at middle to senior-level management, who are responsible for the initiation and execution of the budgeting process. We wish to challenge existing beliefs and explore innovative methodologies; as well as consider the practical hurdles that businesses face in these areas. The workshop will require the application of skills and techniques to arrive at workable solutions in the real world.

  • Financial Risk Management in the Enterprise
    Two-Day Workshop – 14 CPD credits

As the world of financial markets and products becomes more complex, risk professionals need to become more sophisticated in order to ensure a sound Financial Strategy for their organization. The workshop is aimed at increasing not just the level of awareness but also the technical knowledge and skills of risk professionals and management. Special emphasis is given to currency, interest rate and commodity risk.

  • Business Modelling
    Three-Day Workshop – 21 CPD credits

While financial professionals and consultants need business modelling to decide on investment projects and to build up a strong risk management system, controllers require this knowledge for creating business plans and explaining deviations from it. Understanding business models is not only vital for banking experts approving and monitoring loans but also for equity analysts working on the stock market or in the private equity sector.

  • Hedge Accounting in Practice
    Two-Day Workshop – 14 CPD credits

This two-day intensive and interactive workshop is dedicated to the application of hedge accounting in accordance with the new requirements introduced by IFRS 9 Financial instruments. Hedge accounting is a useful accounting tool that enables the presentation of derivatives concluded for the purpose of risk management, at fair value without affecting the financial result of the company.

  • Basic Excel
    Two-Day Workshop – 14 CPD credits

We will start from the basics and by mastering the hidden and the not-so-hidden new functionalities of Excel you will see how the software can make your life easier and your work more efficient. You will learn not only the basic, but also the more advanced features of Excel. You will never again need any help from anyone. Participants should bring along their own laptops so they can learn everything exactly on the same version of Excel they use in their professional life

  • Financial Models in Excel
    Three-Day Workshop – 21 CPD credits

The benefits of using spreadsheet modeling for financial management and valuation are undisputed in the world of finance. Most people who specialized in Finance use Excel very intensively in their everyday work. The course aims to equip the participants with the core skills required to develop robust models within a corporate finance environment. Participants should have at least basic knowledge of Excel, Finance, and Accounting and should bring along their own laptops.

  • New Hires in Audit and Accounting

Five-Day Workshop

The aim of the first part of the course – first two days – is to give the participants a clear understanding of the basic accounting principles and concepts under IFRS but in a practical way. The aim of the second part of the course is to enhance participants’ accounting knowledge and significantly improve their skills in selected topics including financial statement analysis


  • IFRS 9 Practical Comprehensive
    Two-Day Workshop – 14 CPD credits

The application of IFRS 9 shapes the measurement and presentation of financial instruments. We look at special implications of the ECL model, mostly affecting the financial services sector: special classification considerations and the rather complex approach financial institutions shall be using when applying the expected credit loss model.

  • IFRS 9 Implementation Challenges
    Two-Day Workshop – 14 CPD credits

After the first year of its application: implementation challenges, dubious areas, incomparability of financial statements and potential auditing complications. Lack of commonly accepted practices regarding the application of certain areas of IFRS 9 may become a source of difficulties in auditing financial statements of first-time adopters.

  • Corporate Governance for Board of Directors
    Workshop – 3 CPD credits

This course is designed for the members of the Boards of Directors and provides a short but comprehensive overview of the Boards’ responsibilities and duties, highlights of what makes a good Board. It also provides information on risk governance, especially IT and cybersecurity governance and assurance. Finally, it addresses still unresolved challenges.

  • Introduction to the Agile Mindset
    One-Day Workshop – 7 CPD credits

A host of questions and misconceptions cloud the word „agile”, and this one day session clears up a decent collection of those, to help participants decide what benefit could be realized when introducing it, and how to make the first steps.

  • Project Management Skills for Business Executives
    Two-Day Workshop – 14 CPD credits

There are a number of business-related projects that are under their primary responsibility of an organization’s executive management, either as “sponsors” or “owners”. The course is designed to offer to an organization’s executive management the knowledge of the principles of Business Project Management and the skills in order to be effective in the project’s goals.

  • Fundamentals of Fraud
    One-Day Workshop – 7 CPD credits

Join us to understand the mindset of a fraudster, the reasons they might have for committing fraud and learn how to recognize the red flags of fraud taking place in your business. This course is primarily addressed to internal auditors (of both public and private sectors), external auditors, accountants, lawyers, risk management professionals, compliance officers, chief financial officers, financial controllers and directors / chief executive officers.

  • Internal Audit Report Writing Skills
    Three-Day Workshop – 21 CPD credits

The scope of this workshop covers best audit solutions and experiences in the reports writing process, used by the top companies in the world. This unique opportunity has been created as a combined effort of international hands-on practice in internal audit and training, balanced with the perspective and expectations of the key stakeholders i.e. members of the Management Board and Audit Committee.

  • Contract Negotiation Skills
    Five-Day Workshop – 35 CPD credits

The training course is based on an active learning approach through practice. This means we involve participants in individual and group exercises with feedback sessions for 75 80% of the course time. Participants exercise negotiation situations as close as possible to their own professional duties.

We will be happy to tweak any of the above international programs to your specific corporate needs. Please send an email to training@developers-egypt.com to communicate your training needs and receive a quotation.

 Sample of our international on-demand training programs:





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