Compliance and Corporate Governance

Complicated and changing business environment forces businesses to continuously identify and effectively manage legal and regulatory compliance risks. Corporate crimes and non-compliance risks caused many businesses around the world to incur financial losses and/or damage their reputation. Corporate governance, on the other hand, requires businesses to develop and apply governance structures to enable all stakeholders (shareholders, board of directors, management, employees, creditors, government, other third party, etc) to effectively assume their responsibilities and practice and protect their rights.Developers for Training and Consultancy DTC is a leading training and consulting firm in corporate compliance and governance. DTC is the sole provider in Egypt of the international training and certification program; Certified Compliance Officer (CCO) accredited by the International Academy of Business and Financial Management (IABFM). DTC supports clients in developing and implementing their compliance programs and governance structures.

Our Compliance and Corporate Governance Services Include:

  • Assessment and mapping of legal and regulatory non-compliance risks
  • Developing compliance programs including controls and procedures to effectively mitigate identified risks
  • Developing mandate and structure of compliance department
  • Selection and training of Chief Compliance Officer and compliance auditors
  • Developing compliance audit programs including procedures to ensure implementation of approved compliance programs
  • Developing and evaluating governance structures
  • Developing charter and mandate of main committees of Board of Directors: audit committee, nomination and compensation committee, risk management committee, etc
  • Coaching investor relations officer and corporate governance officer in developing and presenting periodical reporting to shareholders and regulatory agencies and stock exchanges
  • Improve financial and accounting systems to ensure proper disclosure and transparency to investors
  • Provide on-line or spot advice and guidance to compliance and governance issues through DTC web site

Sample Projects

  • For the largest medical laboratories company in Egypt, DTC developed charter and mandate of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors
  • For an Egyptian leading bus and truck manufacturer licensed by a leading German auto manufacturing group, DTC provided two rounds of training to senior and mid-level managers for the first-time introduction of the compliance function. DTC assisted the newly hired compliance team in first drafting of compliance programs

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