About Us

Developers for Training and Consultancy (DTC) is a KEY Training and Consultancy services provider in Egypt and the MENA region since 2008. We are a Regional Hub for Finance, Risk Management, Control, Audit, Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, Corporate Governance, Retail and SMEs Banking. We stand out with our unique training programs and exclusive international professional certifications. We value professionalism, ethics, innovation and excellence both in programs design and in delivery. We draw on a large pool of world-class experts and trainers from Egypt, the region and the world at large to offer you the best there is in learning and development. We are proud to fully satisfy the most demanding international, regional and local clients.

DTC was stablished and headquartered in Cairo, Egypt since 2008 but has for many years now business and professional networks in the UK, USA, Switzerland, Singapore, Gulf region, North Africa, Lebanon, Sudan, Libya and others. DTC is engaged in the provision of a wide integrated and comprehensive range of professional consulting and training services to businesses and professionals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region with great success.

Our strength is driven from our full understanding of local business requirements in Egypt and the MENA Region countries in addition to our association with leading international consulting and training organizations to introduce, adapt, apply and promote international standards and best practices that enable our clients to face, mitigate and effectively manage their business challenges, opportunities, and risks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide client-tailored, high-quality, and innovative solutions to enable our clients to face the challenges of the ever-changing businesses environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to act as a business partner to our clients to continually work jointly in locating and developing business opportunities and to identify and effectively manage business challenges and risks.

Our partners and staff team-up with our clients in a “Business Team”.

Our Values

In provision of professional services to our clients, we believe, adopt, and live our ethics and values of: Integrity, Excellence and Innovation.

Our code of ethics is developed and implemented to ensure that our partners and staff are: Independent, Objective and Competent.

Our Goals

  • Achieving, supporting, and ever maintaining our clients’ satisfaction, business growth, and leadership.
  • Acting as business advisors to our clients in development and setting of goals, objectives, strategies, plans, and programs.
  • Provision of professional business consultancy and advisory services tailored to the needs and business environment of our clients.
  • Provision of professional training and human resources consultancy to support organizational development and capacity building of our clients.

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