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Why Choose E-Learning with Developers for Training and Consultancy?

For over a decade Developers for Training and Consultancy (DTC) has built a brand in training that reflects innovation and excellence whether in its monthly public training events, its live international training, and certifications or in its tailor-made corporate training. We are proud to have served top financial institutions in Egypt and the region, also top tier organizations in the different sectors since 2008. We are also proud to have teamed up before with the Central Bank of Egypt, Egyptian Stock Exchange, and the Institute of Internal Audit (IIA), MECA CFO Academy, the American NACVA®, the IABFM®, and others to offer special well-publicized events. Recently Developers for Training and Consultancy has teamed with the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) to bring unique international training and certificates to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

To cope with the evolving need for online training, DTC is teaming up with the best platforms and accrediting bodies worldwide to offer you the best online training experience in different areas. Every month, we offer a rich selection of live online training programs in different areas. You can send an email to training@developers-egypt.com to regularly receive our monthly public online training calendar. You can also follow DTC on Facebook and LinkedIn or check our website to stay updated.

Our online training programs include but not limited to the following: Finance, Audit, Risk Management, Control, Corporate Governance, Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, Data Security, Corporate Governance, Digital Banking, Treasury, Trading, Business Continuity, Securitization, Business Valuation, PPP, Project Management, and others. We will be happy to tailor-make online training or in-class programs to suit your exact needs.

How to proceed to take your online course/certificate?

Please choose your course/certificate from the monthly public training calendar which covers live online training and certification programs. For online programs and virtual classrooms, please check the lists below then send an email to training@developers-egypt.com to receive further details, to register and for payment. Prices vary from a program to another depending on whether it’s a normal training program, certification or accreditation program, duration, and accrediting body. You can also send an email with your request for tailored corporate training.

The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) On-Demand and Virtual Classroom Certificates

On-Demand Certificates:

Virtual Classroom Certificates

Our I-Learning International Programs in Partnership With Gnosis International:











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