Risk Management

Developers for Training and Consultancy DTC is a leading training and consultancy firm in Risk Management. DTC was the leader in introducing the internationally well-recognized certification
of Financial Risk Manager (FRM) accredited by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). DTC has assisted clients in Egypt and the Gulf developing and mentoring implementation of their risk management plans.Business organizations around the world face and manage a variety of risks that could negatively impact achievement of business goals and objectives. Thus, organizations seek technical support of risk professionals/advisors to identify, assess and develop plans for risk management. Even with in-house experience in managing risks, organizations would need to consult their independent risk advisors to get independent, objective, and unbiased assessment and guidance on adequacy and effectiveness of applied/proposed risk management plans.
Business Risks cover a long list of risk types including, but not limited to, financial risk, operational risk, IT risk, technology risk, human resources risk, etc.

Risk management is the process of identification, analysis and controlling uncertainties in doing business and making business decisions. Risk management process starts with confirming business/investment objectives, identifying factors of potential losses/deviation from achieving established objectives. Risk management process will then assess, qualitative and quantitative, each risk factor and assign risk priority based on potential frequency and severity of the risk. A plan of action to control risk factors to an acceptable level will be developed based on the risk appetite/tolerance of the organization. Monitoring and auditing risk management plan will ensure its effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency.

Our Risk Management Services Include:

  • Risk Assessment and risk mapping.
  • Developing Enterprise-wide Risk Management (ERM) plan.
  • Developing mandate and structure of risk management committee.
  • Selection and training of Financial Risk Officer and Operational Risk Officer.
  • Developing internal audit programs for risk management process/plan.
  • Independent review of risk management process/plans.
  • Developing and evaluating governance structures.

Sample Projects

  • For the largest medical laboratories company in Egypt, DTC assessed risks and developed risk matrix.
  • For the banking community in Egypt, DTC organized a workshop with international speakers on risk management and BASEL III requirements.
  • For a large financial institution in the Gulf, nominated and recruited financial risk officer.

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