Cairo CFO Summit

The Cairo CFO Summit is the Prime Platform for Finance and Business Leaders in Egypt. The Summit brings together today’s key players in the Egyptian business community and provides them with a unique opportunity to learn, benchmark, network, create synergies and find valuable opportunities. The Finance field has been lately undergoing major transformation and evolution and both finance and business Leaders are required to adapt rather rapidly by exploring new key developments and best practices in the area of finance to be able to drive confidently the growth and development of their respective organizations especially in this challenging time.

The 2022 Cairo CFO Summit comes to build on the great success of the 2021 and 2020 Summits which gathered over 350 executives from all sectors in Egypt, to support the development of the Finance field.

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Have A Glimpse at 2020 Cairo CFO Summit

Have A Glimpse at 2021 Cairo CFO Summit

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